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Angel Beauty International Spa was like an oasis to me after three days of moving followed immediately by business travel. As Angela provided a much needed pedicure to my aching feet I noticed how tastefully decorated and relaxing the spa was. The cleanliness of the spa facilities and the meticulous attention to the cleanliness of the instruments used stood out prominently to me. Thank you Angela and team, for providing excellent services with a tender touch and soothing conversation in a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment. My experience was highly therapeutic!

Carol Tuttas, PhD, RN

For Angela, A beautiful person who makes us all even more beautiful because of her excellent talents. Love and Blessings.

Rochelle Burns, PHD

Growing up I had always struggled with my looks and self confidence and was always taunted about the way I looked. However I had a sister who received all the attention because she was always the 'prettier' one. I had struggled with acne scarring, over weight issues, barely had eyebrows and suffered with uneven skin pigmentation. So you could say my teenage years were pretty rough, until I came across a very talented aesthetician named Angela Si, through my sister since she was a regular client of hers. I met up with her and she reassured me that my life would change forever after her services, and she was right. We started with permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, which had made a drastic change to my face, I eventually moved on to various acne and microdermabrasion treatments. I also started working out and eating right and ended up losing 25 pounds after doing P.R cell treatments, as well. I was a changed woman after that, she had truly helped me with both my physical and inner appearance. After visiting the Vaccaro spa, I was convinced that Angela definitely knew what she was doing and was doing it well. The spa crew was extremely nice and were very talented, and I left looking great and relaxed as well. I would definitely recommend this spa to everyone, because they will surely leave you satisfied.

Jackie Warf

Reviewed 26 August 2013


You are a very special person,

One of a kind,

Your smile,

Your thoughtfulness,

Makes me feel special too!

Your special expertise makes me feel like a millionaire.

Thank You.


Jacquie W

A wonderful and relaxing day. Thank you all For my very special day. Everything was excellent! I will be sure to come back.

Kim Kelttle

Dear Angela & Crew,

Thank You for the relaxing massages & Beautiful manicures.

You did an amazing job! Everything was Spectacular and beyond this world.

Thanks again

Love from

The Bais Chomesh Girls

*Thanks for the special times & treatments!*

Dear Angela,

You are a Princess but for me

You are “my angel”

People say that God always has a plan for such people

And I can say it is TRUE because God put you in MY PATH.

I have been going to the SPA,

Angel Beauty,

Since the late 90’s.

I was going on and off to get my nails done or get a wax.

But now I have been going for treatment and WOW

You made me another person.

That is why you are my angel.

You are kind and professional and you are always there for me,

My good friend,

God Bless You,

And Love Always,


Achievable beauty dreams under your professional hands

Never ending comfort, thanks to your team of friends

Greatest that you can be is actually all it means

Excellent in your service, I rate you 10 out of 10

Love those precious moments that will make you come again


Believing is seeing your reputation will sore

Enrich your life with Angel Beauty fashionable trend

Arrange time to treat yourself, benefit will never end

Unbelieveable good result, so excited could make you dance

Tell your friends about them they are one of the best brand

Years will make the planet change, but our age shows no gain


Spa day for pampering needs you will never feel the same

Professional in ideal aims, Angel Beauty has made it again

At the poems really end, thank you is the message I want to send.

Weilyn LI

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