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Enjoy the Best Couple's Massage in Toronto in a Romantic Couple's Room

If you are taking a romantic vacation to Toronto, you can consider a couple’s massage in a beautiful spa located near the Toronto Pearson Airport. Toronto is a beautiful location to enjoy your romantic vacation with its range of scenery and gorgeous urban view. A couple’s massage is a wonderful way to enjoy a spa session together with your partner. It is a great way to introduce your partner to the world of luxury spa massage.

Our couple's massage package is where the massages for a couple are performed side-by-side by two therapists in the same room. You do not have to be a couple for this massage, good friends and family members can enjoy this as well. We offer our signature massage under the most clean, comfortable and cosy setting, where you can enjoy fireplace, candles, music, and aroma. We also offer a complimentary infrared sauna session to fully prepare you to relax and enjoy. Our signature massage incorporates and combines a variety of light and deep techniques and styles including Swedish, lymphatic drainage, Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Thai massage, and deep tissue, which is best value for the price: 

$125 plus HST /60 minutes for per person $190 plus HST /90 minutes. Upgrade back hot stone, or BS + $40 plus HST &

Premier massage with Lomi - Hawaii style massage combines Qi boost energy techniques:

$165 plus HST /60 minutes for per person $235 plus HST /90 minutes. Upgrade back hot stone, or BS + $40 plus HST

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If one of you receives the message for the first time then it might be a little awkward moment for you. But knowing that your partner will be on your side, you can bare yourself without any apprehension. You can choose whether you want a male or a female therapist for the purpose. It is a personal choice and both of you can decide on this. 


Book your session ahead of time

Spa receives your request and arrange the session according to your preference. It is always better to book in advance if you have couple’s massage in mind especially during the peak season. 


If you are looking forward to spend quality time with each other, a couple’s massage is the best way to enjoy some great moments. A couple’s massage is an intimate experience for two partners that will refresh in their memories for years to come. It will be a great personal escape for you and your partner away from the crowd.


So unwind with your partner after a tiring day by treating each other with an extremely relaxing couple massage at a hotel spa in Toronto



At this moment in time, our RMT service is unavailable. We will keep you update on this website when our RMT is back in service.

​Angel experience massage by appointment only

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