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Eyebrow microblading/Feathering is the latest permanent make up technique, 

This technique creates hyper-realistic brows using a hand held tool to create realistic and natural hair strokes. It is most natural eyebrows. 

The hair strokes are always drawn in the direction of the natural hair growth in order to achieve hyper-realistic eyebrow look.


If there are visible flaws in the eyebrow area in the form of incomplete or complete absence of hairs, the eyebrow microblading technique is the best choice. The principle of its implementation is to stimulate hair growth.

Give you eyebrows a natural look.

Free consultation 647 288 3399

Angela is a certified micro-pigmentation specialist, She is a master Aesthetician with 20 years experience, having  high standards with art creativity and great passion for beauty. With her medical and art background, high standards and sterile operations, you will be in professional hands.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading (semi-permanent) From $700

Touch-up within 1-3 months of procedure   free

Touch-up within 6-10 months of procedure  $300 over 10 months $ 350 over one year $450

Permanent Make up

Eyebrow package                  $600 (including one-time touch up) 

Eyebrow one time only         $450

Eyeliner - upper or lower     $600 (including one-time touch up)

Eyeliner -one time only        $450 

Eyeliner package                   $900 (including one-time touch up)

Lip liner package                   $600 (including one-time touch up)

Full lip package                      $750 (including one-time touch up)

Full lip one time only             $600

Correction from other's work From $350 per visit /Package $1200

Microblading.jpg 1.jpg
Eye Lash Extension

Semi lash extension   $135.00


Volume natural look  $195.00

Dramatic look             $285.00

Wedding Package

Includes before wedding necessary skin care and body massage, full body scrub (rainfall rejuvenation), and spa manicure plus pedicure and Bouvier hydrotherapy and lunch-call 
Layover Makeover From $590 
Makeup From $175

Mini premarital care package: 
From $299.00

Call us at 416 901 1010 for a FREE consultations 


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