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Tired after a long flight? Flights delayed? Book with Majestic Angel for one of a kind massage experience!


One of a kind. The purpose of this massage is to bring you to a level of Qi consciousness that you have not experienced before. There is no discussion during your time, only music to soothe you from the outer world, experienced hands to prepare you for your journey and your willingness to let go. When these things come together you will truly understand the Angel Experience.


$185/75 min.  OR  $295/125 min.  *HST not included

Deep Tissue Massage

Rejuvenate the Mind, Body & Spirit. Deep tissue massage. Designed for chronic pain, muscular soreness and over-exertion are relieved by this massage. This is meant for those who prefer deeper and more direct pressure. Restore the energy not only physically but also mentally  


$128 per 60 min.  |  $195 per 90 min.  *HST not included

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Couple's Signature Massge

A couple's massage is offered in our private star hotel room on massage tables side-by-side, along with a fireplace and candle lights. The massages are performed by two therapists together. In addition to the many wonderful benefits provided by massage therapy, a couples' massage provides you with the opportunity to bond while relaxing, reduce pain, muscle sore, calming the body, mind, and emotions.


$250/1 hr.  |  $380/90 min.  |  $480 per 60 min. *HST not included. OR upgrade to: Hot stone/ Aromatherapy/ back scrub for additional $25 each person

Lomi Lomi Massage

Think of Lomi Lomi as your own little piece of Hawaii, imagine yourself in being treated on the beach sounded by a mile of sand beach and feel like you are on the waves. You will feel blissfully relaxed. The Hawaiians believe that Lomi Lomi massage services help release the blockages in the body and increase energy flow. Lomi Lomi massage is not only a physical experience, it also facilitates healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Learn this ancient form of Hawaiian massage that covers broad areas of the body using long continual strokes incorporating prayer, breath, dance and energy into this Lomi Lomi massage. 

$150/60 min.  |  $222/90 min.  |  $290/2 hrs. *HST not included

Tandem massage (four hands massage) are also available for $50 off the second therapist.

Sport Massage

This deep tissue massage manipulates the soft tissue and muscles and joint mobilization for a specific therapeutic effect


$85/30 minutes

$128/60 minutes

$190/90 minutes 

$250/2 hours

*HST not included

Deluxe Combo Signature Massage (with Back Scrub)

Replenishes your energy with your choice of relaxation or deep pressure massage. Focus on shoulder, neck, lower back, sacrum region, and legs using advanced techniques, rhythmical movements. Followed by the deep back scrub. Helps relieve the pain and stress, rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit.

$105/30 min. massage with back scrub  |  $168/60 min. massage with back scrub  | $250/90 minute massage with back scrub  |  $320/2 hrs. massage with back scrub

*HST not included

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle pumping on lymph nodes followed by the feather light pressure along the lymph vessel can maximally detoxify you

$85/30 minutes  |  $128/60 minutes  |  $195/90 minutes  |  $250/2 hours

*HST not included

Aroma Vitality Massage

With pleasant aroma of essential natural oil to reduce pain, calm the body and mind to make you feel wonderful


$95/30 minutes  |  $145/60 minutes  |  $210/90 minutes  |  $270/2 hours

*HST not included

Shiatsu Massage

Japanese form massage. Compression technique on specific pressure acupoints of the body by kneading & tapping can reduce muscle pain.

$85/30 minutes  |  $128/60 minutes  |  $195/90 minutes  |  $250/2 hours

*HST not included

Relaxation Massage

RELAXATION MASSAGE - Soft touch. Relaxing, calming the body and mind.

$60/30 min.  |  $90/60 min.  |  $145/90 min.  |  $175/2 hrs.


SWEDISH MASSAGE - Medium pressure. Focuses on muscle stripping, kneading, wringing & scooping followed by muscle stretching and heat

$75/30 min.  |  $115/60 min.  |  $175/90 min.  |  $225/2 hrs.

*HST not included

Hot Stone Massage

Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. Next level of body massage, helps relieve muscle tension and pain, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep  


Relaxation: $135/hr.  $190/90 minutes.

Deep tissue: $170/hr.  $235/90 minutes   $295/2 hr.

*HST not included

Thai Herbal Steam Massage

Blend of traditional Thai herbs used in ball hot compresses has a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and mind. It soothes sore and overworked muscles while giving the body 's energy reserves a huge boost.

From $175/hr. OR $245/90 min.

*HST not included

*Aromatherapy: you may add aromatherapy to any massage treatment(s) from $15.00 extra.

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