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970 Dixon Road. Toronto, ON, Canada

M9W 1J9 @ Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport

Direct from your room #7399

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Text: 416 707 1086

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Signature Facial

ANGEL EXPERIENCE FACIAL. For an ultimate facial experience! Whether you have dry skin, oil skin, aging skin, dehydrated skin, acne, scars, or rosacea, regardless of your skin type or condition, our specialists can help renew your look.


GOLDEN CAVIER FACIAL. Luxury for a perfect care experience. This will optimize moisture content and impart your skin a velvety-soft feeling. Your renewed skin will be smooth and firm.


*NEW* LED facial with White Pearl Facelift Fillers

Formulated with Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), hyaluronic acid and avocado oil (Persea Gratissima oil), the rich formula immediately reduces the look of deep wrinkles while moisturizing your skin. With this innovative formulation and advanced application method this facial will completely rejuvenate your look!

SPECIAL $550 (Reg. $1100)

Optimizer Facial Treatments

LE GRAND CLASSIQUE. Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial

From $75.00


COLLAGEN FACIAL. Improves skin elasticity; tightens, firms, nourishes skin to add a new youthful look.

From $180.00


OIL SKIN CARE TREATMENT. Purifying and deep cleansing facial. Creating a soothing & glowing anti-inflammatory effect.

From $95.00

DRY SKIN/DEHYDRATION TREATMENT. Recommended for dry skin types and/or with wrinkles. Restores and deeply moisturizes skin with essential nourishment.

From $110.00

SENSITIVE ROSACEA TREATMENT. For hyper-sensitive, redness & delicate skin. Reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

From $85.00


PIGMENTATION/WHITENING TREATMENT. Hyper-pigmentation, sun damage or dark skin. In this clarifying treatment mulberry roots and lime extract act to lighten, minimize and gently fade out dark pigments on the skin such as freckles andpregnancy mask.

From $120.00


From $65.00

Facial Add-ons

You can add these extra treatments onto a facial.


From $45.00

EYE TREATMENT. Reduction of puffy eyes, dark circle, and eye wrinkles.

From $55.00


ACNE TREATMENT                - From $135.00

  This highly effective treatment incorporates marine elements. Deep cleansing,

  exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, lymphatic drainage, purifying and repair 

- PHOTO FACIAL (GERMANY) - From $130.00

  Highly effective protection for skin’s stem cell and to stimulate their activity

  This facial works to slow down the ageing process

- VITAL-INTENSE                       -  $120.00

  Revitalizing anti-wrinkle facial. Repair skin care for optimal health and longetivity


From $280.00

The most advanced skin treatment for high performance premium skin care for tightening, firming and lifting. Scientifically engineered using the latest technologies. The Fleuresse skin care system harnesses the power of plant stem cells and other naturally occurring botanical to hydrate, nourish and regenerate to reveal brighter, more youthful looking skin

The products we use according to your needs:

FLEURESSE ( Swiss apple.  Plant stem cell technology) 100% organic

BIODROGA (Germany)

THAL’ION (French) 


Majestic Angel Spa which is a premier hotel spa located inside the Toronto International Airport. We use different types of oils under various spa day packages during the massage like peppermint, orange, lemon and cedarwood oils which go a long way in energizing and vitalizing your body.


- MICRODERMABRASION        - From $160.00

  Includes Angel Experience Facial, the secret of

  radiant complexion by Biodroga.

  Gives your skin a youthful luminosity and firm look

  For ageing skin care, large pores, fine wrinkles, pigmentation

  and acne scars due to acne breakouts and surgical scars

- CATIOVITAL (FRENCH)         - From $150.00

  Extreme triple effect repair anti -stress, anti -wrinkle


- From $ 30.00-80.00/per – 380.00/package

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